Prevent puncture with tire sealing products from SweLine 

Sweseal Offroad

Advantages with Sweseal Offroad

Punctures are one of the most common causes of costly downtime and Sweseal can eliminate most of them
Seals the hole in the tread the moment the puncture occurs
Can avoid damage to the rim and must be replaced
Designed for use in the toughest off-road environments
One application is enough to last the legal life of the tire
Suitable for all weather conditions - Specially designed to prevent freezing at low temperatures down to -23 °C and separation at high temperatures.
Washed out with ordinary water and leaves no residue
Helps eliminate rim leaks
Suitable for all types of ATW, lawn mowers, tractors and wheelers etc
Up to 80km
Can seal up to 12mm permanently and temporarily 20mm
Non-corrosive, fireproof & environmentally friendly
Available in 3 different packs 25l, 1l and 500ml
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